Dr.Manzer Durrani(non-registered)
They don't make em like us anymore. I am a boomer from 7000 miles away and I talked to you and connected so very well.
God Bless!

Carol Ann Graham(non-registered)
I have several of your photographs and they are mytreasures!!! Last year I lookied for you at TACA in May and now I see again that you are missing from the list for this years show. I am so sorry not to see you there but I understand that traveling to shows is time-consuming and frustrating. I see that lyou mentioned classes and I want to know since photography is my hobby and I still use my black and white darkroom even though I have a good digital camera. There is much to learn and I cannot imagine a better teacher. More, please.
HI Barry! Always enjoy your photography!!!
Vance Capley(non-registered)
Fantastic work, Barry! I was blown completely away! Thanks for the link!
David Archer(non-registered)
Thanks for coming out to Shiloh over the weekend. Enjoyed talking with you and your friend.
Had a great Sunday as well. The spectators enjoyed the weather, park and hopefully the 7th Tenn. Cav's Living History.

The images are great. You have a good for photography.
Donna Miles(non-registered)
Sue Bevis told me about your photography. I must say everything she said is true.. What a wonderful opportunity to be allowed into the life of an Amish family. One can fell the spirit as well as see them Splendid work.
Wanda Nokes(non-registered)
Beautiful images from a beautiful soul. I never grow tired of looking at your "art". Peace and please be in touch soon!
Sue Bevis(non-registered)
Hey Barry...long time no see....was just searching for this and that online and found your site. As always I love your work. My dentist has some of your photographs in his office. I ran across a photo that you took of me a few days ago and was wondering what you were doing these days. This site answers that. Beautiful work as always. Hugs....Sue
Diana Littrell Baker(non-registered)
Very nice.
Monica Martin(non-registered)
Looks good, Barry!
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